Everyone Deserves A Gorgeous Gem

Getting married is the start of something amazing!

Our "Gems" are custom made by color, shape size and style.

Some come adorned with brooches and draping pearls while others come with memorial charms and glass handles.

Make it your own. We create custom designs and styles. There is a selection of pre-made packages that can be customized to your wedding party size.

Or simply personalize each item and add to cart.

We would love to be apart of your big day!

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Build your own package with this a la carte option. Each "wedding" has a bridal bouquet, boutonierre, bridesmaid, broom and corsage option to add to cart and customize.

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What to expect from customization



Shipping takes up to 14 business Days


Your order can be customized by the following:

Flower Colors

Bouquet Size

Bouquet Shape

Bouquet Style


Handle Type and Color

Jewelry Type and Color

Accessories and Add-Ons



Bouquet Photo Charm

Boutonniere Photo Charm

Photo Charm Necklace

Jumping Broom

Close to your Heart...

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